Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love #14

I saved this one for last because today is Valentines Day after all.

I love Gary. My mom always told me the key to a successful marriage was to find my best friend and marry him and that is what I did. Gary is a man of strength and honor and has a voice that could sing the birds out of the trees. It was that which made me fall in love with him. The first time I met him we sat on a piano bench with a friend. She and I sang a song she'd written as I created harmony for her . . . and then a third voice joined in, wordless, but beautiful in the part he created for a never heard song. I watched him sing and it was as if his entire soul was a lighthouse guiding me in.

I fell in love then and there. People talk about love at first sight, but that's not the way it was for me. It was love at first sound, love at first note that sucked me in. To this day I stop whatever I'm doing and listen whenever Gary sings, whether it's in the shower, or while he's doing dishes, or singing to his online friends.

So, today is for Gary. I love you, sweetheart. Happy Valentines Day.


Shari said...

That is very sweet. I'm so glad that you have him in your life.

Christine Bryant said...

Love at first note. How fun. Sounds like the title to a new book...hmmmmm.