Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Husband, My Hero

Before I explain the above title, I just want to say thanks to all of you for checking in on me and letting me know I'm thought of and loved. Things are fine, just super, super busy. Christmas and birthdays are hard for my kids as it brings back memories of their birth mother and makes it a real struggle. I've felt like they needed as much of my time and attention as I could give them. Add to that my church duties (which I love) and a slew of invitations (it's so nice to be loved!) and I've hardly had time to think or sleep, let alone check e-mail and blog. I certainly have missed all of you though. Things should slow down soon.

We now continue with our scheduled blog-

I wish I'd known a few weeks ago how truly amazing and courageous my husband was. I would have entered him in Candace Salima's Best Husband in the World contest. I knew he was a wonderful guy, of course, but I never knew how brave he was until a couple of weeks ago.

See, he saved somebody's life. He didn't run into a burning building or perform CPR, but what he did was courageous nonetheless.

My hubby has always been a kind-hearted soul. He's one of those that is almost always there when you need him to be, whether it be for a listening ear or moving heavy objects, a hug when it's most needed and he even does dishes and bathrooms! He also has the most amazing singing voice . . . but I'm getting away from my topic. Because of this kind heart he's got, he likes to spend time in depression chat rooms trying to lift others up and offer a friendly hand when people are in need of one.

A couple of weeks ago Hubby was at work, checking his e-mail, when he got a chilling message from one of his online friends. They had just taken an entire bottle of pills and had sent him a message to say good-bye. Having a first and last name in is address book, he searched online and found an address, then called the police in that state to inform them of the suicide note he'd received. They found the person in time to save their life. It's taken two weeks to finally get the whole story, but the person is doing well now, having been in the hospital for treatment, and thought they were angry at first, now they are very grateful to Hubby for saving their life.

So, he's my new hero and I couldn't be more content to be married to such a brave and persistent man. It took hours from his work to do all of this, but he did it without question, without thought, and I couldn't be more proud. (I hate the "P" word, but I can't think of another way to phrase it.)

What an amazing guy. My husband . . . my hero.

Quote of the Day: "When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate, when honor scorns to compromise with death - that is heroism."
- Robert Green Ingersoll -