Friday, December 19, 2008

Yes, I Am Still Alive

My mom always taught me that if I couldn't say something nice to not say anything at all, and thus my absence over the past months. I'll just say it's been a struggle and leave it at that. So, instead of a long, rambling description of my occasionally miserable existence, I thought I'd share a poem I wrote for a church party. I'll try to get back into the blogging spirit come the new year. I hope this holds you over until then.

Christmas is more
than ribbons and bows,
it's more than gift giving
and lights all aglow

It starts in November
and should last the year round.
The Thanksgiving spirit
shouldn't flee underground

The reason for the season
of Christmas this year
--remember to be grateful
for all we hold dear

This season reminds us
of God's greatest gift--
a wee little baby
born to seal up the rift

between Heaven and earth,
between God and mankind,
and what greater blessing
can we ever find?

So let us be grateful,
let the holidays combine,
from Thanksgiving thank-yous
to the Christ-child divine.

May the Christmas spirit of peace be upon you all.