My Favorite bits from reviews

The Sapphire Flute:

"My favorites: the running thread of musical metaphors, Ember's shape-shifting abilities and her wolfpack adventures, and the explosive confrontation between Kayla and C'Tan, involving dragons (Yes, dragons!). The alternating points of view between Ember, Kayla and the villain, kept the plot interesting. The romance between Kayla and Brant didn't ring true at times, but this romance junkie welcomed that sub-plot.

Bottom line: I kept turning the pages to see what happens next. Karen builds the suspense with plenty of twists and brings it to a satisfying conclusion. If you read this book, be prepared to stay up...unless of course your 14-year-old gets hold of it first." ~Jewel at Pink Ink

"My strongest praise for the book, however, comes not just because the book is well written, with likable characters who you can root for, and a creative magic system on Rasann, but because the book is CLEAN. I have read a fair amount of modern fantasy yarns, and many of them resort to graphic descriptions of sex or lust to interest their readers. Not so with The Sapphire Flute. This is a book I would allow my youngest daughter and my youngest son to read.
In fact, I did have one of my older daughters read it, and she said, “Dad! It was amazing!”
That is high praise from a girl who reads a lot!" ~ Daron Fraley

"Karen E. Hoover is very talented when it comes to bringing life to her characters, like a puppeteer to the marionette. She has a vivid imagination; it is not difficult to follow the artistic weave of her words. I was there when Ember fought for her right of passage with such moving passion that I wept. I could taste the sweet feel of the sapphire flute's touch as Kayla battled against the nefarious C’Tan. The sense to tip the world back into harmonic balance is so well written that I wish I could leap right into the pages to assist their cause." ~ Author Elizabeth Mueller

"My first impression of the book came from my children. My son in particular was fascinated. We began reading the story out loud together. But soon, he was carrying the book everywhere. He read it once. Then he read it again. Then he read it again. And when he wasn't reading it, he was carrying it everywhere (we put a stop at it coming with us to church).
 . . . The only qualm or quandary about the book? It is a seven-book series...which means that not all plot twists are resolved (obviously) in the first book. So Karen, please get those fingers typing as fast as you can. We want to know this story from the front of it . . . all the way to the very end!" ~ Author C.S Bezas