Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poetry Challenge #5 Winner

Well, another challenge is done and gone. It was a tie for quite a while there, but today one poem pulled into the lead. Some very interesting poems this time around, some that I very much loved though a few were heartbreaking.

But enough with that. I'm sure you're dying to know who the winners are and who wrote which poem, so here you go!

Our first place winner was for Emotional Amnesia written by your very own challenge sponsor, me! Karen Hoover! :D Thanks for the votes, everyone. It was fun, as always.

And now, here is a listing of our poems and we'll finally reveal who wrote what. The poems will stay posted until Monday, so you've got a day or so to read them still if you missed it.

Emotional Amnesia by Karen E. Hoover (4 votes)
Freedom Bound by Nisa Swineford (3 Votes)
Unforgiveness by anonymous (the author chooses to remain unknown) (2 Votes)
Freedom for the Forgotten by Logan Adams (1 Vote)
Bound by Karen E. Hoover (1 Vote)

Thanks for playing, everyone!

1 comment:

Nisa said...

So fun Karen! I'm glad I got to participate. Thank you!