Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poetry Challenge #4

And it's time for another poetry challenge! I'm sorry I'm a day late getting this posted, but better late than not at all, right?

Just a quick reminder of the rules. Please don't share your poem with anyone until AFTER they vote, and that includes on your blogs. We want this to remain anonymous so it is fair for all involved.

Thank you so much to all of you who are participating. The more people we have, the more fun the challenge is. Now go read the prompt so you can get started! Poems are due to me no later than Friday night, midnight. Please e-mail them as an attachment to


Lukas McDrake said...

Are we supposed to tell you our name in the e-mail, or remain anonymous and claim credit if we win? o-O

Karen Hoover said...

LOL! It will tell me who you are when your e-mail comes in, but by the time we vote, I can't remember what story or poem belongs to who. lol You can do it either way. I'll know who you are regardly.

Mua ha ha ha ha!!! ;)

Lukas McDrake said...

Well, okay then! My poem is. . .

Just kidding! :P I'm sure you've made the connection already.