Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Poetry Challenge #4 Winner

And we have a winner! Things were neck and neck there for a while, but the voters finally chose a definite winner. And that is . . .

I'm guessing that one came from the Most Embarrassing Moment category. lol

Second place was "A Special Night" by Kaitlyn Binns

Third place went to "Mexican Mouth Dance" by, yours truly, Karen Hoover.

And for those of you who didn't get to vote, here's a second chance to read the winning poem.

The Day I wanted to Die by Raine Gillespie

Always a tomboy

A woman's body, so young

I played football

with the guys

and tried to ignore the changes

that made me grow up

One day I played in a shirt too tight

I thrust my arms into the air

waiting for the ball to sail my way

and as the ball flew

I felt my buttons go

pop, pop, pop

until my shirt hung open

exposing my womanly fo

rm to any who looked

The ball hit the ground and bounced

a pass failed but I no longer cared

Panicked, I turned away and buttoned up

But never again

did I play football

with the guys

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