Monday, July 18, 2011

Need a Path

I've been coming across this theme that really speaks to me lately. One that I've considered many times before but haven't really known how to implement. It's the theme of forgetting ones self and serving others.

For a really long time now I've had this draw to help teens, in particular, learn how to write. I have been astounded by how many teenagers write and want to do it well. When I was a kid it was just my little brother and I who did any kind of writing for fun, and now teen writers are everywhere. I know of at least seven kids within a few blocks of me who write.

The problem has been, how do I reach them? Do I have workshops in my little community? Do I set up online critique groups? How do I do it?

So here I am coming to all of you for words of advice. What would you do? If you felt you had a calling to do something like this, how would you approach it--make it personal, but reach as many people as possible? I am completely open to suggestions, and if you are a teen looking for help, I'm especially interested in knowing what your needs are.

It's time to take this need to serve the youth and do something about it. I'm ready. I just need a path.


Jessica L. Foster said...

I think helping teen writers is an awesome idea. I've thought a lot about how to help young writers and have a few ideas. They need a place where their ideas and stories are heard and not lost in the mix of the adult writers. As a young writer myself, I sometimes felt like the adults were patting me on the head and telling me how adorable I was, rather than reading and helping me with my writing. I wasn't take seriously until I was older. It needs to be a place where they feel loved and comfortable. Sharing your writings can be hard. Learning can be hard. Young writers need a place where they can grow and share without feeling insecure. If I knew more about writing and had more resources, I would love to start a podcast for teen writers. Let them be in charge of what is discussed. Help them with writer issues that they face and give them a chance to be heard as more than just the cute little kid in the conference full of adults. That's just my two cents :D

Nisa said...

I think workshops would be a great idea, especially during the summer. With media being what it is now, you could actually do it across the internet to with webinars and such, but it's not as personable. Each person learns differently so you may want to consider going back and forth between the two. You'll get some who want to come in person to learn. finish that class up and then start one online for those interested in learning that way.

This is such a great thing you're starting. I'm thousands of miles away but if you need help with anything online, I'd love to help out!

Elizabeth Hughes said...

I think just something that gets kids involved is best, because I think the hardest thing about learning to write is learning to WRITE. Write all the time, let it be bad, learn to let some books sit and start something new. :P

Whatever you plan on doing, I want to participate! :D