Thursday, April 1, 2010

Contest Extension

I haven't had any entries for the last two weeks for my contest, so I didn't do any drawings the last two weeks. I thought I'd change it up for this last BIG drawing and make you do a little work. :) I'm mean like that.

First, I told you I'd announce the prize a while back and I never did, so here is the big announcement now. The winner of this final drawing to take place one week from today on April 7th, will receive the following prizes:

1) A personalized and signed copy of (the limited edition print run) of The Sapphire Flute
2) A lovely mug with the cover of The Sapphire Flute printed on one side
3) Dinner for two with ME (if you are local or at one of the places I'll be stopping on my tour, or will be in Utah in the near future) or a gift certificate for a restaurant near you if there is no way to connect.
4) Miscellaneous other objects I tend to throw in boxes, one of which is usually chocolate. :)

Now, what do you need to do to get in the running for this lovely prize, you might ask? Well, if you entered earlier, you're already in the drawing, or if you are just starting out, go HERE for the initial instructions. If you want ADDITIONAL entries, you have to peruse the blog tour reviewers listed to the right. Yeah, see it? That long list over there that says "BLOG TOUR"? Some of them have some information about me. I'm going to ask 7 questions (since the drawing will be April 7th), and you get an additional entry for EACH one you answer correctly. Now, for these, you don't want to leave the answers in the comment thread or EVERYONE WILL KNOW THE ANSWERS! No, for this one you want to e-mail me your answers directly at karen(AT)karen-e-hoover(DOT)com.

Question #1: What was my first vision of The Sapphire Flute?
Question #2: At the end of one review, I gave three pieces of advice to aspiring authors. What were they?

Question #3: What do I collect and according to the reviewer "have taken to a new level."
Question #4: What two women have most influenced my life?

Question #5: How many books will there be in The Wolfchild Saga?

Question #6: Which author has most influenced my writing?

Question #7: What special thing did I reveal about the cover that the artist did not know?

Okay, there you go then! Go off and read and have fun! There were some really great reviews in there, two of which gave me five stars. There were some others that were middlin', and a couple not so great, but you know, that's the nature of the business and the way of life. We're all different and have different things that resonate within each of us. That's a good thing.

I WAS going to list the last of the blog tour things, but I'll save that post for tomorrow and leave this one with just the contest information. Good luck to all of you! Now . . . ready . . . set . . . READ!

UPDATED NOTE: One of the reviews is a video blog or VLOG. You might find an answer in there. (hint, hint)


Carolyn V. said...

What a great idea! I'll have to go find the answers! =)

Jen said...

I've been so far off from your blog it's nuts! I'm sorry! However I'm glad the extension took place because now I can participate! I'll go find the answers!

berlinwritergirl said...

I'll be emailing my answers. Found all but one. Hope it still keeps me in the running!

D. Cootey said...

I’m under the ground tonight, so I won’t be playing along, and I already have a nifty signed copy of your book (I start reading it right after Maze Hunter) so it might not be fair to deprive somebody else of one, but I hope more people find out about it. Does @mawbooks know about it on Twitter? She’ll let a lot of local book fans know about your contest. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely off to find the answers! I mostly want an autographed copy of your book! My daughter Amanda and I are anxious to read it!