Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finishing the Blog Tour Snippets

I'm a little behind in getting the rest of these up, but life has been a bit challenging as of late and family had to take precedence for a bit. Tonight I can finally grab a few moments and share with you my favorite bits of the last few reviews of The Sapphire Flute. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Tristi Pinkston: "Best of all, this book is clean. It demonstrates the importance of integrity and courage, and it shows how family relationships can mean the world to those who appreciate them and allow them to grow. The closing scenes of the book are particularly touching in this regard and left me feeling utterly at peace and covered in chills at the same time."

Karlene Browning:
"I wish I could have gotten my hands on back when Rosehaven was in its heyday. I love YA fantasy and I especially love it when there is a unique and believable world and strong female characters. This story had both."

Alison Palmer
: "I’ve read far too many books lately, some good reads, some not so much, that show the female characters as interesting and strong until the boy comes along, then suddenly she can’t be anything other than a swooning female moth dancing around the boy’s flame. Yes, there are a few elements of romance in The Sapphire Flute, but once again, it is reasonable and within the girl’s control. She has a definite say in the relationship. For me, Ember and Kayla are The Sapphire Flute’s strongest assets, as well they should be. It was a refreshing change and one I wish more authors would take note of."

Theresa Sneed: "Ember has the power of a mage deep within her, and Kayla is the guardian of the sacred Sapphire Flute. At first, neither fully understands the great power they wield, or the impending destiny that they must fulfill, as they set out on different paths on a journey of discovery towards the same magical location. Karen has superbly woven their stories together in this enchanting new book that you will enjoy from the opening scene to the end. I recommend her book for all ages. I had the occasion to meet Karen at an ANWA Writer's Conference in Mesa, AZ, a few weeks ago. She is as delightful as her book"

Abel Keogh: "Ember, Kayla, and C’Tan are what keep the novel moving. Hoover does a good job making Ember and Kayla feel real and people you want to root for even though, like all great characters, they’re flawed and make mistakes. That alone made it me wanting to keep reading the book. Like all good, evil characters, C’Tan is fascinating and I wanted to see more of her. But since The Sapphire Flute is the first of seven books, I’m sure we’ll see more of her before too long.:

Michele Ashman Bell: " (It's hard to resist a book that grabs you up front, keeps you up late, and leaves you wanting more.) The Sapphire Flute literally did all of this for me. Author, Karen Hoover, has proven herself to be a first-rate storyteller. Her imagination is off the charts and I found myself thinking of the story at times when I wasn't reading it."

Margaret Turley:
"I am an avid reader in many genres – including children’s books – I read all the books I give to my nieces, nephews and now my granddaughters before I give then to them so I know what the quality is and that I’m not unknowingly passing them junk or worse. The Sapphire Flute – book one in the Wolfchild Saga by Karen E. Hoover is one I can heartily recommend. This novel engaged me from the first sentence all the way through the end and I’m drooling for the next one in the series. Karen – Please hurry! I don’t think my heart can stand the suspense."

Michelle Jeffries: "The story is rich in detail and plot. The characters are wonderfully deep and well rounded. The most amazing thing, is that almost every chapter is written as a story in itself. With a beginning middle and end all in a few pages. This reader found herself pleasantly surprised at the end of every chapter as she either turned the page or closed the book."

Rachel Nunes: "Two of my children snatched this book before I got to it, my sixteen-year-old daughter and my thirteen-year-old son. Both had it read with in a day so take what you may from that. As for myself, I admire the world Hoover has created and the unique magic of the characters."

Haley Hatch Freeman:
I've never been a huge fantasy fan but wow I was in love with The Sapphire Flute's characters and pulled into their adventure immediately. I enjoyed getting lost in Karen's words of cleaver imagination and recommend The Sapphire Flute to young and old."

Julie Wright: "Ember, Kayla, and C’Tan are all strong female leads who carry a very character driven story. The magic system is brilliant and something I never would have thought up, so now I have magic system envy. And the action is strong enough to pull along the reluctant reader.
When I first read this book, Mr.Wright asked what I was reading. I told him and then he asked, “Is it any good?”
“Of course, it’s good, or I wouldn’t be reading it.”
“You’re just saying that because she’s your friend and you love her,” he said.
“No. I’m saying it because it’s true.” At this point I’m ready to throw a boot at Mr. Wright’s head.
“Prove it. Read me the first page and if, when you get to the end, I want you to turn the page and read more, then we can safely say it’s a good book.”
So I read the first page and stopped.
“Hey!” He became indignant. “Why are you stopping?”
“The first page is over.”
Then a little sheepishly, because he was so caught up in the story that he’d already forgotten our deal, he said, “Fine. Turn the page.”
Turn the page indeed. Great job, Karen! Great book!"


L.T. Elliot said...

Well done, Karen! Look at all these wonderful reviews! I'm so glad to see that your book is having such a wonderful impact on people and they they see the same fine merits in it that I do. =D

Jade Simons said...

Wow, Congrats on the glowing reviews. I think that I am going to have to find your book so I can read it.