Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent Reviews

I did this last year with The Sapphire Flute, and it was so cool, I thought I'd do it again with The Armor of Light. I'm going to post links to recent blog reviews and an excerpt from the review that was particularly meaningful to me. I would totally recommend following the links and reading the whole review though.

Happy Reading!

Words and Works Blog: "Karen writes with passion and a talent for description that puts the reader inside the mind and skin of the characters she so colorfully details on the page. While reading her stories I get a 3-D panoramic vision as if I were in an IMAX theater. There were heartrending scenes of loss, humorous scenes with uncontrolled new skills, fantastic underwater and cave scenes, mind-boggling shape-shifters, and terrifying evil-doers."

Melissa's Bookshelf: "Hoover has made fantasy and adventure new again for me. I am completely captivated by the quest of the Chosen Ones (of whom we've only met a few) to unite the magical keystones and save their world. There is a wide array of characters on both the side of good and that of evil who are wonderfully developed. Relationships between many of the characters are molded, deepened, and in some heartbreaking cases, torn apart. With this second book the pieces of the puzzle really begin to come together, as we follow Ember's and Kayla's separate adventures that are destined to join as one. I truly cannot wait to see what Hoover's next book in the series brings to the story as we discover the next keystone and Chosen One."

Notes from the Writing Chair: "The Armor of Light is a wonderful continuation of the exciting story in that began in The Sapphire Flute. I love both of the main characters, Ember and Kayla. They each have unique strengths and weaknesses and I could relate to both of them. The book is full of action, danger and just the right amount of romance. The exciting ending took my breath away! Now I can't wait to read the third book!"


Angela Brown said...

Very wonderful reviews! So glad things are going well :-)

Karen Hoover said...

Thank you, Angela! It's been a fun journey, that's for sure!

Rebecca said...

That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you! :)