Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Launch Day!

It's finally here! The Armor of Light is now available lots of places! Oh, you want to know where? Well, let me give you some links!

The E-Book is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Smashwords.com. And if you're bemoaning the fact that you can't get an autograph with an e-book, there's this awesome new thing called a kindlegraph that will send me a request, and I'll personalize a page for you to upload onto your kindle. You still get your autograph! It's so awesome!

Now, for paper copies, you'll need to go to either my personal createspace sales page (my preference), Amazon.com, or my local bookstore, The Purple Cow. They ship. If you choose that option, just click on books and do a search for The Armor of Light. And of course if you want autographed copies, or posters, magnets, bookmarks, etc., go to my blog.

This has been quite the journey, let me tell you! I had no idea how much work went into creating a book until I started up on this Indie route, but crazy as it sounds, I love it! I find that I really enjoy typesetting and polishing it up so it shines. I love working with my editor, Tristi Pinkston, and my artist, Deirdre Eden Coppel. They have been fantastic and this book wouldn't be the same without them.

And guess what? I've already got my first review on Amazon, and what a whopper it is! Wow, I almost cried when I read it. So awesome. I'm just going to steal it and re-post it here. I don't think the author would mind. :D

"The Armor of Light, by Karen Hoover book 2 in the Wolfchild Saga fantasy series is a fantastic novel that draws the reader into the world of Rasann - a place of magic full of battles between good and evil. Once you start reading you can't put it down. If you fell in like with Ember and Kayla in the Sapphire Flute, you will love them in the Armor of Light where all the same characters are back, and new ones have been stirred into the mix.

"Karen Hoover has a talent for description that puts the reader inside the mind and skin of the characters she so colorfully details on the page. While reading her stories I get a 3-D panoramic vision as if I were in an IMAX theater. There were heartrending scenes of loss, humorous scenes with uncontrolled new skills, fantastic underwater and cave scenes, mind-boggling shape-shifters, and terrifying evil-doers, and dragons.

"Issues we face in the real world are mirrored and expertly explored in this young adult novel such as self-esteem, class systems, environment, the meaning of love, choosing between right and wrong and taking responsibility for your actions. In my opinion her fantasy writing skill is near that of Anne McCaffrey, Orson Scott Card and Terry Brooks."

Margaret L. Turley
administrator of Writers Unite to Fight Cancer

How cool is that??? I have now been compared to two of my favorite authors of all time--Madeleine L'Engle with The Sapphire Flute and now Anne McCaffrey with The Armor of Light. I think I've died and gone to heaven.

To celebrate the day, I'm doing a giveaway. I'll do a drawing for six people (Because it's September 6th) who do all of the following things:
6) Follow my blog
5) Link to this blog on Facebook
4) Like The Armor of Light on Goodreads
3) Like my book somewhere else (you tell me where)
2) Purchase a digital or paper copy of The Armor of Light (I know, I know, I'm shameless)
1) Post a comment back here telling me you did all of this.

In return, you shall receive a poster of The Armor of Light, Bookmarks, A bookplate for the paper copies of the book or a personalized kindlegraph for the e-books, and two random books in the genre of your choosing (one of my favorites--I hope you like fantasy or mysteries. lol).

You might be wondering why I chose today of all days to release this book. Well, those of you who know me or have followed my blog for a while know how much my mom influenced my writing over the years. She's the one who told me I could do anything if I wanted to do it bad enough. She was my biggest cheerleader and fan, and the person who heard the first draft of everything I wrote.

Today would have been her 80th birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Mom! I'm celebrating this day in honor of you!


Nikki said...

WOO HOO!! I'm so excited to get my hands on one!! Same for my mother in law!! Are you going to be having a book signing??

Happy Birthday Grandma!! <3

Karen Hoover said...

I hadn't thought about it, really. lol I probably should, but I have to know how many books to order ahead of time. Or enter my contest and get your copy ordered, and then I'll come out and visit you and sign books at the same time! :D

Melissa said...

Hooray!! So excited for you now that Release Day is finally here! I am currently in the middle of my re-read of The Sapphire Flute and am loving it just as much the second time around :-) Can't wait to get started on The Armor of Light!

Rebecca said...

Woohoo! I'm so happy for you! And proud. You've worked so hard and the review was spot on! Love you!

Angela Brown said...

This is wonderful news. Yay for the release. That review was also very nice. Big Kudos!

Angie said...

It's a great tribute to your mom. What an awesome review. I just started reading it today! I'll let you know when I am ready to post a review. (But be patient with me. I'm not a super fast reader anymore.)

Congrats again! Love you.

Shari said...


Karen Hoover said...

Thank you, everyone! You made it a good day! All of you!

Nikki said...

A visit would be even better!! :D
Yeah, my mother in law wants another autograph too (hee-hee), so I'll just buyn them and get an autograph when I see ya!!

Karen Hoover said...

That works for me, Nikki! Just tell me when they get there and I'll come for a visit! :D Can't wait!