Thursday, September 8, 2011

A BIG Goof!

So, I was double checking some typesetting stuff tonight in the digital book because of a comment by a fellow writer. I got about half way through and I realized . . . chapters 23 and 24 were exactly the same!

It was one of those palm to the forehead moments.

Thankfully, it is now fixed, and if you've already downloaded The Armor of Light, I apologize profusely, but if you want to read chapter 24, you'll need to download it again. With Smashwords, I know there is no additional cost. If you downloaded it through Amazon or Barnes and Noble and need a coupon code, please let me know. I am so sorry. I have no idea how this got past me.

Thank heavens the paper versions are correct!


Nisa said...

I'm sorry! These things happen though. I hope everyone is understanding and everything else goes smoothly!

Angela Brown said...

The issue has been corrected and being addressed. That's the right thing to do and I applaud you :-)

Karen Hoover said...

Thank you!

Sher A. Hart said...

Hey, checking in to tell you I ended up reading Sapphire Flute first. So busy with Rachael Harrie's platform building campaign that I'm reading whenever no internet. Flying home tomorrow so may finish then and will write review soon. Really enjoying the parallel stories.