Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something Light for a Change

You Are Belle!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Intelligent and kind. Your beauty goes much further than your apperance. Also, you make judgements of people based on their personality and not their looks. Attaining all the knowledge that you can is one of your major goals in life, but you are also a person who can make things happen.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


Shari said...

See what an amazing person you are!

~paulette said...

dude, that sounds just like you. :) I was mulan--a bit more stubborn and rebellious of an individual, i guess. :)

Melinda said...

I want to be Belle, too! That totally fits you BTW.

I'll have to take the quiz now.

Julie Wright said...

You are belle! I am going to take the quiz too. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'm not ursala or something.

Weston Elliott said...

Hey, I'm Pocahontas! Cool! I agree with Melinda - Belle totally fits you!