Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm heading to bed, but wanted to let everyone know I didn't get selected for jury duty after all, so I only had to be there for a couple of hours. I spent most of the day inputting those edits I couldn't do yesterday. 125 pages of success! Woohoo! I'm more than 2/3 done. I've got several things to do tomorrow, so I'm not sure how far I'll get, but I should at least have it all done by the weekend, even if it's not in the mail yet. It will get there. Thanks for all the support, my friends. You make it much easier to go on when life falls apart.

Quote of the day: "Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences." - Anne McCaffrey


jenica said...

i hope you get some good rest, get the flute in the mail, and hug your whole family for me. ;-D

it's nice to see a pic of moo on here.

heard that gary got a church promotion. *wink, wink*

Karen Hoover said...

Thanks, Jenica! I'm hoping for that as well, and I'll certainly spread the love around.

That's a big yep on Gary. And much needed too. Very grateful.

Give your family a hug as well. I know Gary misses John, and there's no denying I miss you. Mwah!

April said...

Congrats! I hope you can finish your edit today! I am ... well, far away from the revision finish line! lol

Tristi Pinkston said...


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

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