Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Here!!!

I can hardly believe it! After 293 days, approximately 9 and 3/4 months of waiting and dreaming, The Sapphire Flute is out! Today is the day!

We're having a big launch party tonight at Barnes and Noble at The Gateway in Salt Lake City for any and all that want to come. It goes from 6:00 until 8:30 pm and there's going to be food, music, signings, and just lots of fun. Please come and join in celebrating the release of five new books from Valor Publishing Group. And if you do, please be sure to come and introduce yourself. I'll be the girl in blue. I even have blue fingernails to celebrate the night (and believe me, they are NOT easy to type with!)

Because this week is so crazy busy, I'm not going to change the way to get entries. I'll save that for next week and the grand prize, but if you still want to enter the drawings for the awesome prizes I've got, go check out this blog HERE and it will tell you exactly what you need to do, and if you've entered already and want another entry, you can now leave reviews at AMAZON.COM. Not just a rating, a REVIEW, please. Thanks you guys, for all the support and friendship.


Quote of the day: "I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."
Mother Teresa


Charity Bradford said...

Congratulations! Enjoy this day and tell us all about the emotions of it as soon as you can. Wish I could be there to meet you, but its a bit of a drive. ;)

C.L. Beck, author of Mormon Mishaps said...

Congrats! Isn't it cool to have the book out? Hope you sell a gazillion at the launch and tons of people are there.

Wish we could come but hubby and I both have a bad bug. We'll be thinking of you, though. :)

Tristi said...

Karen rocked the house at her signing! She looked beautiful, she played her flute, and she sold the rest of us under the table!

Cheryl said...

I finished reading this book earlier in the week. Fabulous! Awesome! Amazing! Can't wait for Book Two.


-David P. King said...

That's GREAT! A big round of applause for you! I will most certainly have to check this out sometime.

Amanda said...

Loving your book. It's very engaging like you are telling the story to a friend. Will probably finish the book tonight. Kayla is my favorite Character so far.

Anyway, Mother Theresa was a wise woman. I love quoting: "If you judge people, you have no time to love them."