Friday, March 20, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

I'm in Las Vegas for the weekend. No, I'm not here to hit the poker table or slot machines, I'm here to see Pop. He's in town from Hawaii and the seven hour drive to Vegas is a heck of a lot easier to make than the miraculous journey it would be to drive to Hawaii. It's been a nice visit thus far.

On a not-so-great note, I woke up to another rejection today. Yay. Can you hear the enthusiasm?? It's kind of a sucky way to start a trip, but what's a person to do. You can't get accepted without risking rejection. I've been lax on sending out submissions, what with finishing chapters for the LDStorymakers First Chapter contest and preparing for this trip, but I'd like to get back in the saddle with it come Monday. Well, like may not be the best word to use there, but it's something I need to do.

Sorry I've not been around much lately. It's just been insanely busy. Next week I've signed up to do a Book In A Week challenge and though I know I won't finish an entire book in a one week, I'm going to devote four hours a day to the project and see if I can't get myself writing daily again. I am finding that I have to schedule my writing time in just like any other project. It's the only way I can rationalize spending so much time on a project and neglecting my household duties. I'm learning how to work around that though. After all, I've got two great helpers living in my house who need to learn how to work just like I did when I was their age . They're learning all kinds of responsibilities and their help allows me the time to write, so I figure it's a good exchange. They get to learn the value of work, and I get to stay sane.

A perfect solution, if you ask me.

Quote of the Day:
"Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self."
Cyril Connolly


Noble M Standing said...

I'm jealous, my dream vacation is a week in a hotel with my laptop, no kids. The ONLY way I have time to write is that my kids help me do the house. I believe that they need to learn to work, it is good for them.

Sheriff Family said...

Hope you're having fun in Vegas. I just want you to know, I love reading your "ramblings"! And I really like your page background! Love you

Poptart (fav nickname) said...

Have fun karen! You deserve the trip. :) Hope to see you sometime soon.

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Las Vegas wow! I hope you enjoy your trip and blog about it when your home. love and miss you!

Josi said...

I'm glad you get to distract yourself from rejection in Vegas. Have a great time, then get back to work. So sorry about the rejection, they are a part of writing, but a really crappy part.

Shari said...

I'm going to hold you to that four hour a day writing thing. So, you'd better be committed! I know where you live and I have rope. I can even tie knots.

Christine Bryant said...

Sorry about the rejection. Unfortunately its all part of the writing process. You're day will come and hopefully you won't forget us little guys when you are rich and famous. hehe

Enjoy your vacation in Vegas. See you in April.

Tricia said...

What do those stupid publishers know anyway? Have fun with Pop, and GET THOSE KIDS TO WORK!! I've learned not to use it as punishment, but man it sure does take the P&V out of them after a couple hard hours! LOL

Ali Cross said...

Hey, at least you're submitting SOME rather than me, who's submitting NONE. I don't know what my problem is, but I ... well, I just never submit anything. I feel like I don't know how, but I know that's a rotten lie. I could always LEARN how, lol.

Hope your trip away was fun and relaxing and today you hit the keyboard with your fingers flying!