Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review: Become by Ali Cross

I've been putting off this review for a while. Not because I didn't like the book, but actually, the opposite. I loved it so much I've been savoring the reading of it like my favorite European chocolate.

Become is the story of Desolation Black, the daughter of Loki or Satan, who has been sent to this world to do her Father's bidding and turn those with the potential for great good to the dark side. (Sounds a little Star Wars-like when I say it that way, doesn't it?) Fortunately for her and her soul, that is not what happens.

Desolation, or Desi, is a fascinating character, full of conflicting emotions and a journey of self-discovery like none other. I love the integration of Norse mythology with greek myths and Christian beliefs. It was done very well and in a subtle enough way, that I was not at all offended, though I am Christian, and I actually embraced the mythology as believable. That is the sign of a very good writer.

Now, I'll admit, I read early drafts of this book as Ali is a good friend of mine, but she didn't make me like it, and she, of all people, would know that I can only be honest in what I like and what I don't. She's the same with me. Believe me. I just got feedback from her on some of my work, and she's big on tough love.

So, knowing that, let me be honest with you: Become is now on my top ten list of favorite series of all time, right up there with Anne McCaffrey, David Eddings, and Mercedes Lackey.

Yes, Ali is that good.

This is the only book I have ever read that when I finished, I wanted to immediately turn back to the first page and start reading again. It is one that will be well read and cherished. As a matter of fact, I wish I could get it in hard back, as I know my paper versions will disintegrate shortly. Thank heavens for my kindle!

Ali, your book is magnificent! Thank you for an awesome escape in a time I needed it most. And any of you out there looking for an entertaining, well written story, please give Become a read. I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

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Angela Brown said...

Well, I'll have to add. I can honestly say that when I read this book, I was floored. The emotions, the drama, the flow all pulled me in. It was such a wonderful read.

Yes, Ali IS that good :-)

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so glad you liked it too. I love ali and this book is just like Angela said, laden with emotion.

ali cross said...

Ah Karen. Your words (and the comments- thank you!) are enough to make this hard-hearted girl cry. Now THAT's saying something!

Thank you for reading BECOME, for "getting it" and for taking the time to share your thoughts. It means the world to me!