Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Results for Poetry Challenge #3

Well, this has been a rather interesting challenge. I was a bit inspired with the beautiful music that was our writing prompt and wrote four poems this time around and entered them all. Now, you may have noticed there were only five entrants this time. Yes, the deck was stacked in my favor, I will admit, and have felt a bit bad about it, but my co-entree held his own for most of the past few days. We went back and forth, pulling ahead and falling behind, but in the end, I am happy (and a little embarrassed) to admit, that the poem, AWAKENING, pulled ahead and barely won. And yes, it was one of mine.

Thank you, all of you, for your votes and support. None of this could happen without your help and participation. :)

And here's the winning poem, inspired by the song Awakening by Secret Garden!


Deep in the earth she is buried
Asleep. Silent, but for the gentle creak
Of boughs in the breeze
And the occasional stir
Of a rabbit passing through—
And then the awakening begins.
Darkened trees in a monochrome world,
Soil and grass covered with snow
That now begins to melt
And the water that has been frozen
In endless sleep
Frees itself to soak into the soil.
The sun arises high in a clear,
Blue sky, its rays shining down,
And the sleeping earth stirs.
The trees, so dark and sparse,
Sprout leaves of green
That wave and whisper in the breeze.
The grass, yellow and brown, transforms
And grows into tall stalks of life.
The underbrush moves as squirrels
And rabbits, deer and mice,
Come out to see the sun
And high overhead the birds flit
From branch to branch
As they sing their songs.
Mother Earth came to life today
And brought my heart back home.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I loved this one too. :)

Angela Felsted said...

Love the coming of spring.