Friday, August 13, 2010

Special Offer Extended Indefinitely

I've still got books left after my special sale, so I am going to extend it until all 28 books are gone. I'll put a widget on my sidebar so you know if they are still available and will update their status on Facebook as well.

To sweeten the pot a little more, I'm removing the drawing. Instead, if you purchase one of these numbered copies, your name will automatically become a character in one of the books of The Wolfchild Saga. If that's something you've always wanted--to be named in a book--now is your chance, but there are only 26 copies left. 26 chances to be in a book. If you want further details or want to know how to purchase a copy, click HERE and scroll down to the BUY NOW button. It will take you where you need to be.

Thanks for the support, everyone. It comes at a much needed time.

Quote of the Day: (One I haven't used for a while) "God has plans for your writing. And believe me, they're better than any plans you have for yourself. Let HIM be in charge and let HIM delight you with what HE has in store."
~Virginia Smith


CL Beck, author said...

Loved the quote of the day!

Anonymous said...

Why would you do this when I'm broke??? I would so get a couple extra copies so the girls could become characters! :(

Seriously though, great idea. I'll see what I can pull off...

- Michael