Friday, July 2, 2010

Sharing With the World

It used to be I could post anything I wanted on my blog here and nobody cared. I didn't care, because I was a nobody. Just an aspiring author who was sharing a glimpse into my life with a few readers around the world. For some reason since I've been published I found it difficult to share those glimpses into my life anymore. It's weird. I haven't changed. I'm still not anybody important. I'm still the same imperfect me I've always been, but now I'm suddenly afraid to let people see inside.

How weird is that?

I'm pretty sure that's why I've been avoiding blogging much since March, but I've found I really miss it. I miss sharing myself with the world, or whoever out there wants to read the ramblings of this odd writer.

Well, no more! Blogging has and probably always will be therapeutic for me, so I apologize now if I ever say things that seem strange or make you wonder why in the world you'd ever want to be a writer. I've told people a lot over the last few years that I have learned to embrace my weirdness. I think it's finally time to do it out in the open. That accomplishes two things. 1-If you have the chance to meet me in person you won't be surprised that I wasn't what you were expecting. 2-It is very freeing for me to be able to be myself anywhere, including online.

My biggest problem is usually knowing what to write about, so I'm asking you, my wonderful reader, what types of things would you like to see on this blog? In the past I've shared snippets of stories, my ramblings on random topics, poetry I've written, experiences with my family and friends, memories throughout my life and especially about my mother, music I love, and updates on writing and signings. Do any of these particularly appeal? Are there things you'd like to see more of? Please respond in the comments section and save a brain-dead writer!

On another note, yesterday was my 16th anniversary. We went to the drive-in with the kids. We'll do something alone tonight. Probably dinner and a show, which is nice, but I've spent the past two days remembering last year's anniversary in Sunset Beach California and my first experience with the ocean. I can't help but wish I was back there again for a week this year and could get some writing done and feel the wonderful ocean breeze. There's nothing like it in this world.

Anyway, it's good to be back! And thanks for sticking with me through my long lapses. That is changing today.

You have my word.

Quote of the Day: "Writing is an act of self-cherishing. We often write most deeply and happily on those areas closest to our hearts. Valuing our experience is not narcissism. It is not endless self-involvement. It is, rather, the act of paying active witness to ourselves and to our world. Such witness is an act of dignity, an act that recognizes that life is essentially a sacred transaction of which we know only the shadow, not the shape."
~ Julia Cameron, The Right to Write

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Jewel Allen said...

Published or not, you have always been an interesting person to me!

Hugs xoxox

Noble M Standing said...

Published or not, weird or not, you have been a wonderful friend. Love you and glad to see you blogging again.

melissa said...

Hey I just wanted to say hi and I like your blog. I'm a new author and I'm discovering that I love having this creative outlet. I'm now a follower here and will be back for updates. :-)

C. K. Bryant said...

Welcome Back, my friend. You have been missed. Can't wait to hear more about what's going on in your life. Love ya.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

So good to read your blog again! I love getting a peek into what's going on in your life and your writing. You're a very genuine person, and I'm happy to know ya and call you my friend! :)

Kimberly said...

I would have to say all of the above! You seem like a fascinating gal and I look forward to getting to know you better.

ali said...

Glad to see you back Kay! Write about whatever you want, I'm just happy to see you here! ♥

Jolene said...

Happy quote and I'm just about to celebrate a 14th anniversary - man time flies.

Sarahlah said...

Just snippets of life and your views on them would be fine...nice to have you back. Drop by and see me when you get a chance at "life on the blue planet."

Pendragon said...

can't say that i have any brilliant ideas, or else perhaps i'd be applying some myself to my otherwise dull blog. LOL but hello. Welcome back to the world of the whacked. We've missed ya. Cookies on isle 9.

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

I understand how scary it can be to expose yourself. I'm proud of you for wanting to leave that fear behind and just be yourself. You are loved by many (including me) so no worries.