Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finding Joy in the Journey Part One

Update: The birthday memory comments are AWESOME! Thanks, you guys! You've all made me feel like 39 isn't such a bad year after all. Keep them coming. Remember, I'll be collecting comments until November 14th for the drawing. And now, on to today's blog.

I'm not sure why it is, but one of the bigger challenges I've had throughout my life is finding joy in the journey. In other words, living in the 'now.' It seems I'm always either so caught up in looking to the future and what's coming up, what could be, what my dreams, and hopes, and visions are, or I'm stuck in the past. Remembering or longing for what was or could have been, I forget to enjoy the moment.

Well, this blog begins my journey of finding joy in the journey, of taking the time to appreciate the moment I have right here, right now, and this small act of blogging about it is also my way of showing gratitude.

So, today, even though I'm sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever . . . oh wait, that's a commercial. Anyway, despite the fact that I am unwell, I took a friend's suggestion and am copying my letter's to mom blog by hand into a beautiful journal someone gave me. I think it was my husband. Though it could have been a friend. Anyway, I copied pages for a couple of hours and stopped and looked and realized that despite all the years of C's in penmanship and hating to write by hand, I've got some pretty nice handwriting nowadays. It was a small moment that put me IN the moment and made me happy. Putting my letters to mom in this lovely journal, in my careful penmanship, lets me create something I not only enjoy doing in the moment, but can enjoy in the future as well. It's a way of putting the past, present, and future all in one neat little book.

And I like that. I like it a lot.

Quote of the Day: "Appealing workplaces are to be avoided. One wants a room with no view, so imagination can meet memory in the dark."
Annie Dillard


elizabeth said...

Wow, Kay--I'm so proud of you for doing this. I am glad that it is helping you sort through your feelings and have quiet reflection as well!

Keep up the good work!
luv ya!


L.T. Elliot said...

What a great suggestion. I'm glad you're living in the now, enjoying the now. And remember, those c's are good. C is for Cookie. And that, my friend, is good enough for me. =]

Wendy Sparrow said...

You know... I'm impressed that you're recognizing this moment when you're not feeling well. I think it takes a really wonderful person to find pride and happiness in real time and not in hindsight, but when your body is in misery--well, you're just fairly amazing.

Mary said...

Very nice post Karen. I also need to live in the now. I posted a shoutout about you and your book on my blog Writersbutt - check it out.

Cheri Chesley said...

Happy birthday, Karen. I have, like, 2 memories of being face to face with you and that's in the last 5 or 6 weeks. But I wanted to tell you I admire your generosity of heart. You're a wonderful person. I'm thinking specifically of the manuscript boxes you gave me so I could send my beast out. You didn't have to do it. You could have charged me a couple of bucks for them. But you didn't. Thus, generosity of heart. Thank you and have a great 39th!

karen said...

I think one of the best ways to find joy in the journey is to look for the little things the Lord has given us to make each dark day a little brighter.
Today - I HATE SNOW!!! But the sky is my favorite shade of blue with pristinely white mountains standing up as clear as cardboard cutouts against it. Beautiful combination of colors. Thank you, God. That makes snow a little more bearable...and my day, too.