Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday's Poet: Earth Eater

The great, red dragon bursts to life.
The growl thrums deep from engine throat
while clouds of smoke
billow and whirl about his snout.
He raises his great snake neck,
head swaying as he searches for prey,
then dives to the earth
and devours great chunks of her flesh.
Earth Eater he becomes
as time after time
he dips his head to feed,
a pile of refuse building beside him.
And as the sun begins to set,
the great red dragon
lifts his head
and pauses.
The smoke stops,
the growling ends,
man drops from dragon's back,
removes his hard yellow hat and wipes his brow-
and leaves the dragon
with nose perched in the air
waiting for another sunrise
in which to feed on Mother Earth.

Karen E. Hoover
September 27, 2003


Anonymous said...


That's great - but I got stuck on the picture. One of Short Pants favorite books is "Are You My Mother". That particular machine is known as a "snort" at our house. lol

What a talent - if you can even write poetry about large machinery!!

Nichole Giles said...

Beautiful, Karen!


Tricia said...

That could be a kid's book! My boys were always into construction machinery, it would be so cool to have a book like that for them!