Saturday, June 30, 2007

Zombie Woman

It's been a long, mostly wonderful day. I spent the morning with the writers of the LDS Writers Blogck and had a great time visiting with them and their families. They're a great, very talented group of people. Mostly it's been spending time with my kids and cleaning house today. Birdy made dinner with very little help on my part and did a great job. He's been begging me all week and I promised him we'd do it tonight. Taco Salad. His choice and a family favorite.

I'm dead tired and just realized I've got to teach in Young Women's tomorrow, so I'm going to keep this short for a change. It's my thirteenth anniversary tomorrow and my husband and I are taking off for an overnight stay in Logan at The Anniversary Inn. He doesn't know where we are going, just that we are. My point is that I'll be out of touch for about twenty-four hours, so might or might not have blogs up for the next two days.

Thanks to those who responded to my plea for help. I've decided to keep the scene that was giving me such heck and if the publisher doesn't like it they can let me know. I like it, it doesn't seem to be offensive, and my heart tells me to keep it, so I'm listening. It stays for now, at least.

So, off I go to bed before I turn into the zombie woman. I'm already monosyllabic. Bed calls. Must sleep. Now. Good night.

Quote of the Day: "It only takes one person to change your life – you." ~ Ruth Casey


C. L. Beck said...

Happy anniversay! Hope you have a great time at the Anniversary Inn.

I was going to comment on the blog just before this one. If you like the part in your story that you're questioning, keep it. As long as the theme of the whole book fits LDS standards (which I'm sure it does),publishers won't turn it down just because of one paragraph. If they feel it'll be a problem, they won't hesitate to cut it!

Dat's my opinion, anyway!:-)

ali said...

Happy Anniversary Karen!

I hope you and your hubby enjoyed your stay in Logan. That's where me and my honey spent our one-night honeymoon, lol. It wasn't the Anniversary Inn back then, but the same themed rooms and such. We went back every year for our anniversary for about 9 years - until our children came along, anyway!

Glad you decided to keep your story like you want it. Might as well stay true to yourself for as long as you can, right?

Anne Bradshaw said...

Oh, an Inn in Logan. I never knew. Must check that one out. Didn't know they had Inns over here in the USA.


Karen Hoover said...

Thanks, you guys! We had a WONDERFUL time. The room was so beautiful we didn't want to leave. I just posted a few pictures. We'll definitely be returning again. I'd definitely recommend it. We'll certainly be going back! If anyone wants to check out the rooms, here's the link: You can tour the rooms online. Very, very cool!